“When Platitudes Become Form” by Julius von Bismarck, depicting collapsing statute of Otto von Bismarck

The Historical Redress Network is an association of scholars, lawyers, policymakers, and advocates who focus on methods of redressing the historical crimes of transatlantic chattel slavery and extractive colonialism.

Although the right to reparation has been recognized in international law, the path toward securing reparations for these immense crimes has been fraught with setbacks. Indeed, transatlantic chattel slavery and colonialism were crimes perpetrated by and against collectives. Criminal and civil law are ill-suited to crimes that occur on this vast scale and at such historical remove.

The Network facilitates substantive exchange on strategies, challenges, and pathways forward for securing reparations. The membership is global, and the strategies it highlights range from the domestic to the transnational.

We meet for quarterly real-time exchanges and share resources.